OCTOBER 28, 2022








A Community Dinner Event

Featuring our Pasta Mama's brand pasta handmade by the very same women this community has rallied around in support. *GF available upon request

A Conversation About Love

In uncertain times as these, it is important for us to come together and share in the reasurance that helping your neighbor will always see us through.


Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens is a speaker, social entrepreneur, author, priest, founder, and President of Thistle Farms. As an entrepreneurial leader, she has founded 8 justice enterprises and helped countless individuals. Stevens leads important conversations across the country through speaking, advocating, preaching, and writing. She walks the line between pragmatism and poetry in her message that love is the strongest force for change in the world.

Stevens founded Thistle Farms in 1997 with a single home for survivors of trafficking, and addiction. Twenty-three years later, it is a global movement for women’s freedom. Today the Nashville flagship includes a residential program that serves as a national model for women’s recovery, and three-justice social enterprises that provide jobs to survivors– amounting to $4M in earned income last year. Stevens also developed the Thistle National Network to provide tools, workshops, and conferences to support young organizations wanting to follow its holistic model of recovery, as well as Thistle Farms Global Shared Trade, which supports 1,400 artisan survivors in 20 countries.

Practically Divine

The latest from Becca Stevens

When we allow ourselves to embrace both ordinary and extraordinary experiences, we can feel the divine anywhere.

No matter where we are—on a walk in the woods, in a sacred building, or in a dusty refugee camp—signs of love abound. There is no secret formula to experiencing the sacred in our lives, it just takes practice and practicality.

You’re invited to search this path with entrepreneur Becca Stevens as she explores what it means to be practically divine. Woven throughout the narrative are poetry and rants, as well as ruminations on her mother’s wit, wisdom, and passion.

Practically Divine teaches you to use your senses to transform information into holy compassion. When we open our hearts to it, we can experience the divine anywhere – like sacred breadcrumbs marking our path.

Become a Sponsor!

The success of this event and the funding generated to help Grace Kitchen do even more in 2023 will come down to the those generous few that step up to parnter with us on this mission. Will you please consider becoming a sponsor? Together this community is going to do great things.

Where Does the Money Go?

Women's Salaries

It all gets very real the first time we hand them a paycheck. Up to that moment there are still plenty of fears and doubt. The light burns much brighter thereafter.

Admin Expenses

Admin doesn’t make many headlines but the team working behind the scenes and the expenses that every business must incur are always there.

More Opportunities

What’s next? We say that a lot around here and we never stop dreaming about how we can reach more women! We may welcome them in but you open the doors.


Date & Time

Friday October 28th


The Hapo Center
Road 68, Pasco Washington

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